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International Cargo Management

We specialize in triangle-shipments providing international air, sea and land freight forwarding services from Asia to Europe. Currently, we specialize in cargo management of fabric rolls and ready-made garments, overseeing large weekly air and sea shipments from China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka to distinguished destinations across Europe using specially adapted trucks for inland transportation.


Integrated into an ever-rising industry, we offer an array on board services to accommodate and abide by your business necessities. We provide all types of container services, including Ro-Ro service.


We provide optimized air cargo services across the globe. Whether by courier or air freight, at 4 Seas International Ltd, we offer elaborate and structured services to satisfy your demands.


In collaboration with our global partners we offer a vast range of innovative transportation and logistics 

technologies to fulfill your business needs. 


Customs clearance is an important aspect of what we do best. We prepare and submit all documents necessary to facilitate the diligent arrival of your product. 


We represent you during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance, along with all documentation.


Guaranteeing and securing the integrity of your product is a fundamental sector of our services. Foreseeing even the unexpected, at 4 Seas International Ltd we provide through our partners comprehensive as well as restricted insurance coverage.


We provide door to door services so that you are not to be expected to do any of the workload. When it comes to the product’s route to the docks, and from the docks to its final destination, rest assured that we can take care of that for you.


Moving anything of value, sentimental or otherwise, can always create issues. Expanding beyond our commercial responsibility we  deliver any personal effects to and from Cyprus.

At 4 Seas International Ltd we make moving or returning abroad from studies, business or leisure easier by delivering what it is that you want straight home, wherever that may be.


We are aware that preparing cargo to a state of transport can sometimes be an inconvenience. This is why, as part of our exhaustive list of services we offer to box it for you. As part of our mission, we ensure you do the least required while getting the most out of the experience.


We acknowledge that safely storing cargo is often essential in assisting the smooth function of a business. Thus, we offer to securely store your product in one of our warehouse storage facilities until you are ready to receive it.

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